Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PGD Application

Dear Sir/Mam,

We (myself and my husband) are residing in Mohali at present. We have a very 2.6 yr old very sweet & cute daughter. And now we want to plan for a second baby. We really want a planned baby, in the sense that now we want a son to balance our family. We are strictly against the female feticide, as we consider it to be the biggest sin on this earth. So, we shall be thankful to you if you could help us to get a son with the PGD technique.

Sir, I have some queries which I believe you can answer:

1) Are there any side effects on the health of mother and baby (even minor)?
2) How much time it will take for the whole process?
3) What is the success rate?
4) How much we have to pay for it?

Sir, We are eagerly waiting for your reply and we want the baby as soon as possible.
With Best Regards!!

Swaran Preet Singh & Rupinderjeet Kaur

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