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Candida albicans is the responsible fungus for Candida infection. This good bacteria that are normally found in our digestive system that can get harmful if found in any parts of the body. Overgrowth of Candida albicans can cause harmful signs and symptoms of a yeast infection. While it is not normally a dangerous dilemma, Candida can be quite irritating and uncomfortable to have.

Many home remedies are available today, while they have certainly been around long enough, this information is now easily researched through the internet. You do not have to look for more information as this article can help you battle yeast infection or Candida infection through regular items found in your home or garden.
1) Reducing the amount of sugar you ingest in your body can help treat the infection. Sugar should only be taken in small amount as it can increase the production of Candida albicans if taken in huge amount. It is advisable to follow a diabetic or low sugar diet.

Candida seems to thrive on high-sugar diets. So in order to “starve” the fungi, go on a low-to-no sugar diet, using sugar alternatives at best. Continue with this diet for as long as symptoms persist. In addition to the altered diet, make sure you receive sufficient doses of vitamins (A, B-complex, C) as well as minerals (iron and zinc).

2) Eating yogurt everyday can treat the infection. It is advisable to eat at least three to four glasses of yogurt a day, in less that two weeks your infection will be gone. Yogurt is also used as a topical vaginal Candida treatment. Keep it over the affected area for a period of time or overnight and then wash off well. Also the yogurt will lend a soothing effect and relieve severe itching and weeping. If applying for a shorter period of time, apply two to three times a day. If this treatment with yogurt does not effectively remove your symptoms. Make sure it has absolutely no sugar and other ingredients added to it. The yogurt should contain live lactobacillus acidophilus, which are good bacteria that keep candida albicans in check. This is a proven treatment for years.

3) Keep affected area clean and dry.

4) Take cranberry juice liberally. Regular intake can help cure the infection as it has an anti bacterial property that can eliminate the signs and symptoms of yeast infection of Candida infection.

5) Acidophilus treatment is also advised. There are many type of acidophilus like powered acidophilus, fruit flavored liquid acidophilus, caplets acidophilus topical and chewable.

6) Garlic is proven as a powerful anti bacterial agent; it can also be used in the treatment for Candida infection. All you need to do is to wrap it on the gauze pad and keep it over the infected area for a long period of time or do it many times a day. With everyday use for three to six days, you will be cured from the Candida infection.

7) Tea tree oil is also a proven treatment. Use it together with garlic for more effective outcome. It smells like eucalyptus and it will effectively treat your Candida infection.

8) It is more advisable to wear non-fitting panties, especially that made form nylon. These prevent proper aeration (breathing) of the skin. It encourages moisture to form in the body, which is prime breeding ground for fungi.You should allow air to come in to avoid more production of Candida albicans.

9) Shave your pubic hair as it can invite more bacteria to dwell in. without the pubic hair on, there will be less chance of growing more bacteria.

10) Don't use deodorants or perfumed soaps when washing the external area. You can strip the body of the natural elements that keep the fungus in check. At best, use plain water or a mild, pH-balanced cleanser.

11) Drink plenty of water to keep the body cool and to flush out toxins (including those produced by the candida fungus) out of your body.

12) Have a good number of servings of bananas, yogurt, and garlic. These foods have been found to have lots of anti-fungal properties and if part of your regular diet, the chances of getting rid of the candida infection becomes more bright.

13) Do not skip meals and avoid keeping your stomach empty for long periods of time. You wreak havoc on a body that function best when working on routine time. Having irregular eating habits have been observed to increase the chances of candida overgrowth.
These are the simple home remedies for Candida infection. Follow the instructions carefully and religiously and I believe that you will be able to cure your husband in a very short period of time.

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