Thursday, September 27, 2007


For colitis you can use the following home remedies:
1) Take a glass of buttermilk daily (residual liquid left over after the fat has been removed from curd by churning).
2) Drink the water of one tender coconut daily, it is soothing for intestinal mucosa.
3) Steamed apples also aid the healing of lucerative lesions due to ample concentration of iron and phosphorus.
4) Drumsticks are also useful in colitis. A teaspoon of fresh leaf juice, mixed with an equal quantity of honey and a glass of tender coconut water, is given two or three times daily as a herbal medicine for the treatment of this disease.
5) Rice has a very low fibre content, and is, therefore, extremely soothing in colitis. A thick gruel of rice mixed with a glass of buttermilk and a ripe banana, given twice a day, forms a very nutritious, well-balanced diet in this disease.
6) Have steamed vegetables, home made cottage cheese etc.
7) Avoid citrus juice, white sugar, highly seasoned foods, highly salted foods, strong tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages; and foods cooked in aluminum pans.

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